Synaesthesia Magazine

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

We like work that uses the senses, and explores some part of the human condition. We like concrete imagery, something we can taste, smell, squeeze. We like weird and wonderful – pieces that read the theme in a way we wouldn't expect. We encourage work mainly from women and underrepresented voices.

We are currently closed for submissions and will soon reopen for 2018. Please read our guidelines before submitting and remember the following:

  • Your submission must correspond to the current theme in some way, however loosely you interpret it
  • Simultaneous submissions are totally fine and heartily encouraged, but if your submission is accepted elsewhere please inform us asap
  • We do not accept previously published submissions. We obtain First Serial Rights, which means we have the rights to publish your work for the first time
  • As part of the magazine's ethos, we blend art and writing – please be aware that your work will be accompanied with another form of art and will be at our editors' discretion.
Okay, your turn now. Blow our senses. Any questions? Email