We like work that explores some part of the human condition, that uses the senses. We like concrete imagery, something we can taste, smell, squeeze. We like weird and wonderful – pieces that read the theme in a way we wouldn't expect. We encourage work mainly from women and underrepresented voices.

Our current theme is HOME. Get inspired here and check back soon for our themed Spotify playlist. Please read our guidelines before submitting and remember the following:

  • Your submission must correspond to the current theme in some way, however loosely you interpret it
  • Simultaneous submissions are totally fine and heartily encouraged, but if your submission is accepted elsewhere please inform us asap
  • We do not accept previously published submissions. We obtain First Serial Rights, which means we have the rights to publish your work for the first time
  • As part of the magazine's ethos, we blend art and writing – please be aware that your work will be accompanied with another form of art and will be at our editors' discretion.
Deadline: 20 August 2017.

Okay, your turn now. Blow our senses. Any questions? Email synaesthesiamagazine@gmail.com.

Ends on August 20, 2017
We are currently only accepting short stories/flash fiction on the theme of HOME.

We accept short stories up to 2,500 words. No more, although if you go 100/200 words over we won’t get mad. Unfortunately we do not accept chapter, book or novel excerpts. Please submit no more than one story per theme. If you send us more than one, we'll only read the first. (Tip: the shorter the better, and we prefer double line spacing for our eyes.)
Ends on August 20, 2017
We are currently only accepting poetry on the theme of HOME.

We accept up to three poems per theme. We like it simple, weird and wonderful – no men adoring women from afar, please. We want our poetry wild and free. We're partial to tongue-poetry. If you send us more than three, we'll only read the first three.
Ends on August 20, 2017
We are currently only accepting creative nonfiction on the theme of HOME, synaesthesia, the senses, or a combination of all three. We accept up to 2,500 words. We won’t get mad if you go over a little bit, but the shorter the better. No more than one nonfiction essay per theme.

Ends on August 31, 2017

We are currently only accepting submissions on the theme of HOME

Please submit no more than six photographs or pieces of art, unless we ask to see more of your work. We accept illustrations, photography, paintings, sketches, digital design, and so on. All visual art file sizes must be at least 1mb and high resolution .jpeg, .gif or .png files.

If you want to pitch us anything, like a series of illustrations or a photo essay, drop us a line at synaesthesiamagazine@gmail.com.